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Customization Information


Interested in customizing your new sports shelter from Premier Sports Products? Check below for information

on how to optimize the process and ensure success.


We offer customization of your sports shelter to your requirements! All customization is done in-house at our location in Auburn, Washington. Because the sports shelter is a very unique design, we have come up with a unique way to customize the sports shelter with words and/or logos, using the following customization info. Check out our photo gallery for examples of customized sports shelters we’ve created for past customers!


Front Flap Customization


  • We can apply words or names across the front of your sports shelter in Arial Black, all capital letters. We've found it to be the best type combination for visibility and clarity but we have many options to choose from! Send us a message if you have any questions.

  • The maximum number of characters (including spaces) for front flap customization is 21.

  • A small logo can be applied anywhere on the front flap: left or right side, or in the center.

  • The height of the letters or logos on the front is 6.5" max.


If you have any questions about your custom order, please use our contact page to reach out!

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