The Owners


100% designed and developed by sports enthusiasts, Premier Sports Products began as the product

of one entrepreneur's dream, and has since grown into a global movement.


In 2012, Paul Adams and Andy Johnson created a positive partnership to help grow the business of selling Paul’s patented invention: A portable, lightweight, all-weather, easy to assemble sports shelter—the perfect complement to any athletic or outdoor event. There was nothing else like it on the market! Completely unique and customizable, Paul had designed the soccer shelter around the typical team six-seater bench. Andy knew it was a phenomenal product and he wanted to help Paul, a Seattle firefighter with a self-taught business background, take the company to the next level. The rest is history!

Paul Adams

Partner in Premier Sports Products and Inventor of the Sports Shelter


Paul was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue a career as a firefighter and has lived and worked in the area for the past 23 years. Paul started inventing the sports shelter in 2006, when the initial idea for the project was born while coaching soccer and watching his kids’ games. He was frustrated to discover that nothing like it was on the market, and immediately felt the need for a better shelter. Today, he lives in a small community south of Seattle with his wife, of 23 years, and his three teenage daughters. Click here to read the full story of how Paul came to invent the sports shelter!


Andy Johnson

Business Partner In Premier Sport Products and Behind-The-Scenes Business Manager

Andy attended the Pacific Lutheran University where he played collegiate soccer. He graduated and entered the business world where he continues to work today. Andy lives in the Tacoma area with his wife and two children. He met Paul when he bought a shelter from him and struck up a conversation regarding a partnership to help grow the budding business. Andy works behind the scenes as the “business” partner and helps guide the growth of Premier Sports Products. Andy is a soccer lover.