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The Premier Sports Difference


We are sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, dedicated to putting a sports shelter

on every sports field in the WORLD.


Premier Sports Products was founded to make a difference for athletes, coaches, parents, and everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. We’re obsessed with creating the perfect shelter for athletic events, sideline spectatorship, and every kind of outdoor sport! The difference of our products lies in our obsessive desire to create the perfect product and to make each and every customer happy. We are a true American success story, starting with an inventor in the Pacific Northwest who had an idea.



In 2006, Paul Adams, a Seattle firefighter and father to three girls, realized something was missing while watching his daughters’ games and coaching soccer teams. Paul was shocked to find that there were no all-weather, portable, protective canopies on the market for parents and players. He couldn’t believe that no one had come up with a way for parents to quickly and easily set up portable sideline shelters for comfortable viewing. That’s when he started dreaming up the sports shelter! In 2012, Paul partnered with local businessman Andy Johnson to help grow the company to the next level. Read the full story of how the sports shelter came to be invented here.




There’s no other product in the world quite like the patented soccer shelter at Premier Sports Products! Perfect for sports teams, sideline spectators, and outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe, the sports shelter is lightweight, portable, and customizable, with easy five-minute set-up and teardown. In fact, it’s so simple to construct and deconstruct, you can handle assembly singlehandedly!


Premier Sports Products is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our unique products are just what you need to make the experience of enjoying your favorite sporting event or outdoor activity complete. Protective, portable, perfect for all weather, and completely customizable, our athletic shelters are designed around the traditional six-seater bench. They’re a great solution for coaches who want to foster camaraderie and team spirit on the sidelines. It’s just as perfect for parents hoping to enjoy the game in comfort, as well as active lifestyle enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, or other outdoor activities!


Find the best products on the market for comfortable sideline viewing and all your outdoor portable shelter needs. Shop this site or contact us to learn more!

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