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The Premier Sports Shelter is designed around the "6 Seater Bench" for the purpose of side line Soccer. But its uses are limitless, made to protect you, your team, family or anything else from the weather. Its dome shape design is a mix between a Pop-Up Canopy and a tent. The shelter covers you on four sides and still gives you sight out of the shelter and easy access into the shelter. The "Side Flaps" unzip and allow for ventilation and viewing out of the sides of the shelter. "Three Back Flaps" unzip and allow more ventilation and access into the back of the shelter where you could store sporting gear, camping supplies or any other equipment.


Included: Shell installed on frame, Spikes (4), Velcro straps (2), Fiberglass Poles (4), Carry Bag, and Instructions. 


Not Included: Weight Bags - If you play on non-natural surfaces often you should consider buying 2 sets.

Shelter - Plain

  • Dimensions when set up are, 10' Long, 5'4" Tall and 5' Deep.
  • Measurements in the carrying bag are, 67" Long and 9" square.
  • Weighs 30lbs in the bag.
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