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Premier Sports Products
The Best Portable Sports Shelter in the World



By Insta-bench

Shop the original, portable bench solution for sports teams, outdoor events, or anytime instant seating is needed. The folded-up bench is compact, lightweight and portable, while the durable steel frame construction frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs per seat. Pairs perfectly with the sports shelter!

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Sports Shelters

Welcome to the home of the famous Premier Sports Products (PSP) soccer shelter! We make the world’s only lightweight, portable sports shelter for protection from the elements—rain, sun, and snow. Quick and easy to set up and take down, our products are fully customizable, cost-effective, and water and flame resistant. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market!

What Is the Sports Shelter?

Not only do we sell the best sideline outdoor shelter you can buy, we produce our products for a reasonable price. Our shelters are unique, sturdy, and effective. 


The PSP shelters are ideal for sports spectators, players, and all active lifestyles. They make the perfect gear for any type of outdoor recreation.

Who Needs a Sports Shelter?

  • Parents. Parents spend countless hours watching their children's games. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids chase their dreams. As their #1 fan, watch in comfort from our soccer shelter—perfect for all outdoor sports!

  • Coaches. Keep your team protected from the elements while fostering a team mindset and protecting your players and their belongings. Focus on the game instead of missing players or equipment! Our sports shelters are reasonably priced and simple to construct, as well as completely customizable for a spirited tribute to your team.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts. What gets you outside? Hunting, fishing, rock climbing, nature photography, riding, camping, dirt biking—no matter what your favorite outdoor recreation might be, the Premier Sports patented shelter is about to become your best friend!

Our Story

Our founder Paul Adams created the sports shelter after recognizing the need for a portable sports canopy while watching his daughters’ soccer games and coaching. He partnered with Andy Johnson in 2012 to expand the business, with the goal of putting his patented sports shelters on every soccer field in the world! So far, our products have been sold in 39 states and 5 provinces and throughout Europe and Australia, and we’re growing every day. In 2018, we expanded our market to outdoor recreation so all active lifestyle enthusiasts could benefit from these amazing shelters!


If you’re an outdoorsperson, a coach, or a parent who doesn’t have one of these shelters yet—why not? Enjoy what you love even more. Shop online today!


Be Comfortable, Shelter Yourself


Our sports shelter shields your team from water, wind, and sun. 


Take your lightweight shelter anywhere; the beach to camping to the field!


Designed to protect your team and family from the weather anywhere.


Rear flaps and side flaps unzip to allow for ventilation and 360° viewing.

What People Are Saying

Great product have got a sports shelter for our sons football team and it is fantastic and is simple and easy to put up and take down. Would recommend for any team to get one to keep dry warm and out of sun in summer months.

Rebecca Brown


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